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January 2011

1st Happy New Year
3rd Traveling With LV
4th Wedding ~ Part One
5th Wedding ~ Part Two
6th Meeting Cousins ~ The Initiation
7th Apple Pie
8th Giveaway Just Because
10th Winner and .........
11th Life With Grandpas
12th Niggling Doubts
13th Good Times
14th Choosing Furniture
17th The Wedding Dress
18th The Rumor
19th Digging for the Root
20th So Simple and Yummy
22nd Little Brother
24th Need to Share
25th Ever Closer
27th Preparations
28th Awkward!
29th The Announcement
31st Monday, Following the Announcement

February 2011

1st Corn Bread
2nd Debunked
3rd Snowy Announcement
5th Giveaway
7th Winner
8th Final Wedding Preparations
9th  Our Wedding ~ Part One
10th Our Wedding ~ Part Two
11th Our Wedding ~ Part Three
12th Our Wedding ~ Part Four
14th Our Wedding ~ Part Five
15th Our Wedding ~ Part Six
16th Sad
17th After the Wedding
18th Moving
22nd Learning to be a Farmers Wife
23rd First Time Laundry Adventures
24th Cooking
25th Meddling
26th A Scentsy Giveaway
28th Scentsy Winner

March 2011

1st Good-bye Grandpa
2nd Words
4th First Summer
5th Riding With Ridge
7th Our Weekend
8th Flowers on our Farm
9th Writing Letters
10th Preparations
11th Quick Question
12th Family Life
14th Winner
15th Welcome Little Baby
16th Life Goes On
17th Back to Church
18th FYI
19th Chased
22nd Quirks
24th A Few Simple Pleasures
25th Family
26th The Funeral
28th Sharing
29th Doubts and Questions
30th Be Still My Heart
31st The Farrier

April 2011

1st Bits and Pieces
4th That Day
5th Lake Erie
6th Grilling
7th Springtime on the Farm
8th Adjusting
9th Giveaway
11th Maple Syrup Winner
12th This and That
13th Sailor's Shreds
14th Thursday Share
15th Trustees
16th Wondering
18th Answering Questions ~ Part One
19th Answering Questions ~ Part Two
20th Answering Questions ~ Part Three
21st Answering Questions ~ Part Four
22nd Answering Questions ~ Part Five
23rd Answering Questions ~ Part Six
25th Winter Evening Chores
26th Our Growing Family
27th Our Little Corner
28th My Forenoon
29th Questions For You

May 2011

2nd Spinning Chairs
3rd Healing
4th Butterflies
5th Differences in Cultures
6th Rosy's Letter
9th Mother's Day Announcement
10th Checking Out New Communities
11th Sharing More News
13th Bits and Pieces
14th To Move or not to Move
16th Little Brother Helper
17th "Adopted" Parents
18th Flooding
19th Planning to Move
20th Busy Days
21st Repairmen
23rd Our World Begins to Crumble
25th Closing Day
26th Loading Up
27th Unloading
30th Sideling Hill
31st Moo-o!

June 2011

1st Summer Geraniums
2nd Another Find
3rd Next Visit to Town
6th Housewarming
7th Buddy
8th My Gardens
9th Work at our New Home
10th Oatmeal Cake
11th Giveaway!
13th Giveaway Winner
14th The Visit
15th Mahlon (Continued)
16th Chicken Delight
17th Early Days
18th Outside the Window
20th Cravings
21st Mondli
22nd Favorite Sounds
23rd Request
24th In the Eyes of the Beholder
25th Hawaiian Chicken Fajitas
27th MG-A Sunday Forenoon
28th MG-A Sunday Afternoon
29th Summertime Fun
30th Wranglers and Ribbons

July 2011

1st Powerful Rising
2nd It's the Little Things ~ Giveaway
5th Little Things Giveaway Winner
6th A Lesson
7th Vernie Update
8th Seeking Searching
9th Random Bits
11th Reading Searching
12th Grinding
13th Samples from Sailor
14th This and That
15th Surprise Cupcakes
18th Traveling Alone
19th Birthdays
20th Complying
21st Checking Out Possibilities
22nd Plans for Today
23rd Daddy
25th Morning Ramble
26th Scare
28th In Which We Find the Words
29th Any Ideas?
30th Bits and Pieces

August 2011

2nd Hurried Plans
3rd Hurried Plans ~ Continued
4th Hurried Plans ~ Part Three
5th Hurried Plans ~ Part Four
6th Easy Roast Beef Sandwiches
9th Buggies
10th Reality Check
11th Settling In
12th The Candy Dish
13th Giveaway Time
15th Giveaway Winner
16th Sewing
17th The First Day
18th Little Bit of This and That
19th Exploring
22nd My Morning
23rd Renewed Feelings
25th Happiest Night
29th Monday Ramble
30th The Morning After
31st Names

September 2011

1st The News Spreads
2nd More Windmills
5th The Threat
6th Mama Bear
7th In Which We Leave
9th Fried Cornmeal Mush
12th Listening and Learning
14th Tidbits
15th My Violets Need You
17th The ABC's of .....
20th Attending
21st Question
23rd Difference in Lifestyle
26th Church Decisions
27th Autumn Days
28th Apple Goodie
29th Too Little
30th Another Favorite

October 2011

4th  A Preachers Son
5th Vinegar
6th Indian Summer
8th Time for a Giveaway!
10th Winner
11th Did You say Fence?
13th Customers
14th Thoughts on Squirrels
17th Lists
19th Picking Rocks
20th A Favor
22nd Misconceptions
24th Monday Morning
26th Lessons From Rambo
27th Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
29th Outside My Window
31st Finding our "Home"

November 2011

1st Sleep Walking
2nd Feelings
4th The Ride
5th Friday Night
7th The Pines
8th Search Phrases
10th Candy Turkeys
11th Instructions from Rosy
12th Good-bye Inspector
14th That Type of Day
15th Christmas Shopping
16th Molasses Crinkle Cookies
18th New Schoolmates
19th New Schoolmates ~ Part Two
21st Pumpkin Pie
22nd Grafting
25th Friends
26th Newsletter
28th Things You Really Didn't Want to Know

December 2011

1st Little Giveaway
2nd Traditions
5th Announcing the Winner
6th The New Table
7th Wednesday Hodgepodge
9th Passing it On
12th Monday Morning Bits and Pieces
13th Taking More Questions
14th Answering Questions
15th Amish Lifestyle
16th Writing Project
17th The Choice to get Married
19th Puppy Mills
20th Amish Child Training
21st The Amish Language
22nd Amish Stores in Somerset County
23rd Celebrating Easter Amish Style
26th A Thankful Christmas
29th Canning Meat
30th Related?